Select your model: Barcode systems Barcode systems BB Bourg Box (BB) BBC Bourg Book Compiler (BBC) BBL Bourg Book Loader (BBL) BBR Bourg Book Reception module (BBR) BCM-e Bourg Bleed Crease Module (BCM-e) BPM Bourg Preparation Module (BPM) New Bridge for HP Indigo Bourg Bridge for HP Indigo Digital Presses New Bridge for Kodak Bourg Bridge for Kodak Digital Sheet-Fed Presses New Bridge for Ricoh Bourg Bridge for Ricoh Cutsheet Color Printers New BWO Bourg WalkOver bridge (BWO) New Carts Carts/Trolleys for the BSF GUI Bourg Graphical User Interface (GUI) New IFB 26" Interface Feeder Booklet Maker & Perfect Binder (IFB) Software Ultimate TechnoGraphics Imposition & Finishing Automation (SOFTWARE) New SQE Bourg Square Edge (SQE)
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